Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lab #30 28th amendment

I believe that the 28th amendment should have to deal with how we come about getting our next president. I believe that the president should be picked by the majority of America. Not by our delegates, which they are only a few thousands delicate where there are a millions of American voters.

28th Amendment: The president of the United States of America will be elected by the majority of the American people, not by the electorial collage.

Alyssa DiSantis

Lab #43 Time Capsul

Alyssa's time capsul is not to be unearthed until December 5th, 2050

The pictures above are placed in my time capsul. The man in the last picture was the builder of this time capsul.

The place where it is barried is in winston salum.


step 1: walk up my drive way to my house.

Step 2: go around my house to where the deck is.

Step 3: go to the third piller from the left side of the house and start to dig.

You need to make sure that you dig around one foot away from the piller, and 1 foot deep.

Step 4: You have found the time capsul from my time. Good Job!

Alyssa DiSantis

Lab #12 Bumper Sticker

My cousin always tells her little girls whenever other children are being mean to them, that they have kindeness issues. I thought this would make a good bumber sticker, so i decided to make it a bumber sticker. This is because i want the world especially America to stop being mean to each other and just get along and we can all be in peace.
Alyssa DiSantis

Lab # 19

What I think will be judged most harshly 100 years from now are the fact that people wasted to much.

As humans, we consume alot. The more we consume, the more we lose. We're like parasites.

If humans discontinue the wasting, switch to solar powered things, organic foods, and clean fuel 100 years from now, I think they would look down upon us because the way we live now is so harmful to the environment. We hurt the Earth, and the next generations to come will probably be more aware of what we have and thankful for it thatn how much more there is to take.

If things change...

Count to Ten in Swahili

moja- one

mbili- two


nne- four

tano- five

sita- six

sabba- seven

nane- eight

tisa- nine

kumi- ten

~Jake Stainback

Lab #3 How much would you sell your permanent right to vote for?

I walked around the mall and I do not know any of them. Some of them didn't care and just wanted the money while others would never sell their vote. One guy put an exact amount to buy a new truck.
Alyssa DiSantis

Lab #45 Day of Silence

So I observed a day of silence.

And....of course, I had to remind myself over and over to BE QUIET.

No one at first really noticed that I wasn't talking, because (in particular classes) I'm always quiet. I had to find new ways to communicate. I found writting down what I was going to say effective, but it took twice as long and it felt really awkward having someone hover over your shoulder looking at what you're writting down.

There were times where I really wanted to voice my opinion about something. But I couldn't, so I was like DAMN! I can't talk!

I could've used sign language, but I can't sign.

And no one would've understood it anyway.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore, I had to talk. So sometime at the end of the day, I yelled at the top of my lungs.

But other than that it was alot of fun. I enjoy being silent.

I'll do it more often.

It makes me feel smart.